The Hill Foundation

Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for youth in urban communities by providing an equine based activity center.

About The Hill Foundation

Our mission is to build hope and opportunity for youth and community through the equine experience and the Cowboy Code!

We utilize horse therapy as a connection median between different rival gangs, trauma impacted youth, and youth looking for activities!

Our communities are suffering from a lack of hope and activities!  Youth in our society are left to fend for themselves!  The streets become an only option for some and the most appealing to others!  We provide the thrill with positive reinforcement keeping them engaged through the equine experience and guided by the principles of the Cowboy Code of The West!

Cowboy Code of the West

Character and Moral development

7 Principles to Live By:

1. Live each day with positive purpose.

2. Never turn your back to the Bull.

3. Your word is your bond and your bond is Your word!  

4. Loyalty is better shown than heard!

5. When someone shows you who they are Believe them!

6. Everyday, Everyone and Everything matters!

7. Always be humble and respect all life!


Equestrian Programs :

  • After school riding and mentoring
  • Riding is a sport so we encourage our participants to attend our Health & fitness awareness course.
  • Rags to Reins program takes youth from the streets to the saddle while learning the Cowboy Code of The West!
  • Youth Horsemanship lessons: grooming, caring, cleaning/bonding, terminology, riding
  • Beginner Rodeo Athlete training in various events.

Agricultural Programs:

  • Moon Water Farms will conduct a variety of gardening and farming courses after school and on weekends!
  • We will have a garden grown and cultivated by the community, under the tutelage of Moon Water Farms!

Equine Therapy:

  • The Hill Foundation will serve as a Servicing agency for people identified as: Survivors of trauma and PTSD Youth with autism, ADHD, and physical disabilities
  • There have been several articles on the following: Emotional health / How horses heal Herd instinct, senses, sensitivity, touch, mirroring feelings, and much more!


  • Sponsorship for advanced: Rodeo, Training & Equine competitions
  • Expansion into veterinary & farming careers

Life Skills:

  • Hill Foundation will offer home Economics and Life Skills Courses for young fathers and mothers.

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